New cellos made by Transylvanian luthiers from fine maple and spruce

Hand made new cellos fine settled and played by professional Hungarian cellist László Szentgyörgyi. Each cello has quality ebony or boxwood fittings, professional strings.

cello bridge settled

Luthiers rarely play on that instrument which they had maked, therefore they need to rely completely on the players ideas as far as the sound of the cello is concerned.

We find that cello maker who is willing to accept the experiences of a professional cellist. Moreover, he could also be a partner in keeping the proportions of the cello during the whole making process in order to put into circulation the kinds of stringed instruments to satisfy/fulfil the demand of the customer.

The deficiency of the cello in every register could be discovered if it is played. As a result of its continuous playing for several weeks, months it can be assessed/valued and it does not involve any risks, the musical instrument can only be much better later on.

For those who wants to learn to play the cello, important feature should be the sound quality, these hand made cellos has a deep, warm, large sound.

testing the cello

Our cellos

cello scroll
beginner cello
cello bridge
cello bridge
cello f hole
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finest spruce


Made of first quality Carpathian spruce and maple, Stradivarius model. Please note then a Stradivari once had been a new piece of musical instrument and it must have had a nice voice back then.

working on cello

Setting up the cello

The bass bar, the sound post, bridge and other pieces, are carefully adjusted by our cellist during a few months until the new instrument is played. So you can get a cello which is ready for playing.

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Home trial

What we can offer you: 14 days home trial, one year guarantee, free shipping to Europe